Fun Party Games for 7-Year-Old Kids

Seven-year-olds can find joy at parties if the party games are entertaining and fun! Even if you are setting up a small party for your 7-year-old and their friends, it is important to have some cool games set up.

Party games are known to liven up any situation. It can be hard to figure out which to choose from, but that is where I come in. 

So, is there a perfect set of party games? Most party games are tailored by age. It is important to make sure the party games you choose to use are appropriate for those participating. For 7-year-olds, almost any party game tailored to their age can be fun! There are so many games to choose from and they are all different.

There might be children who do not enjoy physical activity as much as others. And there also might be children who do not enjoy crafty party games as much as others.

Below is a compilation of party games for 7-year-olds. They all have their own unique twist to them, so no game really feels like a repeat of another.

With 7-year-olds it is important to have each game feel different than the other. If you have more than one game that feels about the same, they will become uninterested in the activities you have planned.

So change it up a bit! 

Why Party Games? 

Party games are a great way to introduce people and children to one another. Specifically children. They thrive on social interaction and can become quite outgoing if encouraged to play with others. 

Party games help with children and their social interaction in particular, though there are shy children who do not enjoy the interaction as much as others. Those shy children do benefit from the activities nonetheless. 

Not only will your child have fun at these parties but their communication skills will benefit from the talking and conversations they have with others.

It builds confidence in their ability to converse with others their age, on their own. It also develops their personality as an individual as well, and that trait will become extremely beneficial as they get older.  

#1 Hula Hoopla Game

Hula hoops an be a bit difficult to keep up by the hips, especially for 7-year-olds who are still not sure how to move to get the hula hoop to stay on their waist. Though, this game isn’t about keeping the hula hoop on your waist. 

This game is much more fun! 

To start the game off you will want to split the children up into two teams within two separate lines. 

You then want to have each member from a team hold hands and tell them not to let go of each other’s hands.

The teams will then try to get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other side and not let go of their hands as they do this. 

For this game, if you are able to lead the hula hoop in from one arm and out the other without letting go of any of the hands you are holding, your team wins. 

This game is a fun way to create a bonding experience between the children. With them being in such close contact, they are bound to laugh over their struggles of the game. 

#2 Limbo 

This is a traditional game that does not have many unique spins to it.

The basics are that there can be two older children or adults that can help hold a pole or broomstick on the child’s head level. 

You can then start playing some music and have the children bend backward or forward or even walk beneath the pole without touching it as they do this.

After each round has passed you can lower the pole an inch or two to create more tension as the children continue passing under the pole. 

If a player eventually touches the pole they are then out of the game. 

This game is just a simple and fun way to pass the time at a party of small get together! Your little one will have fun playing this game. 

#3 Mystery Fishing Game

 Kids love being able to receive prizes after accomplishing things they have done, or after winning a game! So this game gives them a prize for just playing along! 

For the “water” you can use a large box and hang a sheet across a doorway, or you can even cover a table so that the “fish” are hidden from view. You will also have a person waiting along with the water. 

You can then tie a string to a stick and attach a clothespin onto the end of the string. 

People can take turns “casting” the line into the “water”. 

The person in the “water” can place small gifts, (candy or favors) onto the clothespin and tug onto the string to signal that they caught a “fish”. 

Then when the child pulls back on the line they can collect their little prize!

A simple game like this is bound to have some happy children running around. To make sure that this game works, be sure to have a lot of prizes because the kids may want to play this game over and over again! 

#4 Obstacle Course 

Obstacle courses are a fun way to get energy out of children. 

A birthday party obstacle course located in the backyard can be a fun experience for your child and their friends.

Even if it doesn’t happen to be a birthday party, planning small activities as such can help your child enjoy the time they spend with their friends. 

If you have things such as slides, elevated boards, a trampoline, hula hoops ,and boxes to crawl through then you are completely set on creating this course! 

You can have the children compete against teams, or you can just have them go against a timed clock. 

Once they start getting good at the course, switch it up a bit! Have them run backward or even walk backward through the obstacle course. 

This is a fun game for the more active 7-year-olds at any party. 

#5 Pirate Treasure 

This activity can be customed to whatever theme your get-together happens to be! 

You can fill a small pool or sandbox with sand and hide coins throughout the sand! Or if you want to use different things then birthday party favors, crystals, rings, and jewelry are other great things to hide in the sand! 

You can give the children sifters and small shovels to dig up their treasure! 

This game can be used for any small get together or a pirate themed birthday party! 

If it happens to be a dinosaur party it can work the same! Just switch out the coins and other items for bones the children will believe belong to a dinosaur! 

This is a pretty cool party game for your little 7-year-old boy wanting a pirate or dinosaur themed party. 

#6 Silly Relay Race Games 

This is a fun way for your 7-year-old to spend an afternoon with friends! You can be as creative as you’d like with this activity so the possibilities are endless. 

You should divide the kids into 2 groups for these games. 

Some of the activities they will have to race against one another for are: 

  • Holding a balloon in between their knees
  • Silent charades game
  • Bouncing a ball
  • Skipping backward
  • Balancing an object on top of their head 
  • Balancing a small ball on their feet
  • Holding a balloon between two of the teammates’ heads 
  • Jump roping while singing happy birthday 

For the silent charades game, you can have some guests act out specific things that pertain to the party.

When it comes to creating things for them to act out you can have a container filled with objects to guess such as elephant, rock, fireman, princess, or policeman. 

The game can be a bit confusing for a 7-year-old so you can stick to some simpler ones if you’d like.  Overall, this game can be helpful with associate words to certain things. 

#7 Tag Gone Wild Games 

If you have a rambunctious group of kids then this game is bound to wear them out from their seemingly endless energy! 

Kids love to play tag games, (where one person is “it” and if they were to touch another person then that person then becomes “it”) and there are other game variations that you can adapt to make any type of party for enjoyable. 

Some different versions of this game are: 

  • Crazy Base Tag – This game in particulate uses birthday themed objects such as maps for a pirate party, tutu’s for a ballerina party or bugs for a nature party
  • Freeze Tag – This version is when a child gets tagged they have to freeze in the position they are in under they are unfrozen by another player. When “it” freezes everyone they get to pick the next “it”
  • TV Tag – If a child gets tagged they have to call out a TV character. If they cannot think of a character in time then they become “it” 
  • Ameba Tag – If “it” tags someone they have to hold hands with “it” and the both of them will have to run without letting the others hand go. Everytime someone else is tagged, they become apart of the growing line of “its” 

These different versions bring in their own unique twist which makes the game all that much more enjoyable for the children! 

#8 Simon Says 

This game is an old-school one that most remember playing in their early years. This game is universal and can be fun for any age and time. 

To begin the game you must choose someone to be Simon. 

Then the kids will have to do whatever “Simon Says”, for example, “Simon Says touch your toes.” If a child fails to do this before you finish saying the command then they are “out” of the game. 

You can also say commands without “Simon Says’ in the beginning to get other children out. 

The last child that is “in” gets to be Simon. 

This is a silly game that will have your children laughing and enjoying the commands despite them not being able to become Simon. Some commands can be ridiculous, which makes it more fun. 

#9 Spoon Race Games 

This game is a fun one! It will guarantee some giggles to sound out throughout the game! 

You will want to place an egg on a spoon and then with the word “Go” you will have the kids walk from the starting line to the finihs line without dropping the egg. 

the first kid to cross the finish line with the egg still on the spoon wins the game! 

For a team-oriented approach, divide the kids into 2 groups .

Give each team a spoon and an egg. 

Then have the members run the course without dropping the egg on their spoon. When they come back and hand the egg and spoon over, the next person will run the course. 

This repeats until all the members on the team have gone. The first team to have all of their members run the course wins the game! 

#10 Musical Chairs 

This game is the most simple and easy to achieve out of the ones listed above! 

musical chairs is basically a game where there is a lineup of chairs forming a circle, and there will be one chair left out to make the numbers uneven. 

As children circle the chairs, there will be music playing. Once the music stops the children will have to find a chair to sit in. The one child left out will be “out” of the game. 

If you do not have enough chairs to play for the number of children you have in the room, you can replace the chairs for colored pieces of paper that are taped on the ground. 

While that may get a bit messy, it is definitely an option! 

Related Questions 

What games can you play at a birthday party? Games are endless, especially ones for birthday parties. Almost anything that requires one to move around, or even use a board game are good games to play at a birthday party.

What games do 7-year-olds play? Seven-year-olds love to play almost any game that they find enjoyable. Though, make sure the games they do play are appropriate for their age. Some games they can play are “egg on a spoon” race, charades, tag, and many more! 

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