Great Haircuts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Haircuts are how most girls express themselves, and it’s no different with seven-year-olds. The real question here is, how do you make sure your little girl gets to express herself without looking like someone cut her hair with a lawnmower?

What are some great haircuts for seven-year-old girls? Well, it really depends on her face shape. Here are some styles that go really well with each face shape:

  • Rectangle- bangs (straight across), layers, medium length
  • Oval- medium length, bob, light layers
  • Square- long hair, side split bangs, lots of long layers
  • Heart- shorter than the chin (pixie cut or bob), layers (curving inwards), long side swept bangs
  • Diamond- add volume to the top (pixie), side split bangs, medium length
  • Round- long, layers (curving outward), bangs split in the middle, choppy pixie
  • Triangle- layers that end at eyes or cheekbones, pixie cut, short side bangs

Even though these girls are only seven, it doesn’t mean we can’t start them out with haircuts that really make them look great. I’ll teach you about the different face shapes and why these haircuts look good for each shape.

Rectangle Face Shapes

Girls with rectangular face shapes sport a sharp jaw and forehead with a longer face.


Thick bangs that go straight across the forehead help lessen the sharp forehead and make the face look shorter. Go with layers that add some horizontal volume.

What to Avoid

Avoid long, sleek hair worn flat as that will elongate the face more. If she really wants long hair, then just avoid having few layers. Add lots of volume.

Oval Face Shapes

These faces are really well-balanced and have the shape of an egg. In a beginner’s art class, you always start drawing a face by tracing an oval shape on the page because that is the best way to learn the balance of a face.


Really any hairstyle works well for oval faces because they are pretty symmetrical. You can use a blunt bob, as there are no sharp facial features to worry about. You can also try for a medium length with a few layers.

Square Face Shapes

Square faces have a big chin and pronounced jawbone. They have a broad forehead and wide cheekbones.

Possible Haircuts

Go for long hair to help lengthen the face and side-parted bangs to narrow the forehead. Adding long, airy layers helps to soften the sharp cheekbones and jaw.

What to Avoid

Avoid chin length hair styles that highlight the strong jawline.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces have a narrow chin with a broad forehead.

Possible Haircuts

Go for haircuts that draw focus away from the forehead and to the chin. Long, side-swept bangs will narrow the forehead. Haircuts above the chin like a pixie cut or bob can look really good too, especially if they are parted on the side. You can add layers that curl inwards.

What to Avoid

Avoid large, straight across, fringe bangs, as these will widen the forehead.

Diamond Face Shapes

Angular face with sharp forehead and jaw, and wide cheekbones.

Possible Haircuts

To widen the jaw, try for a chin length bob. Or part the hair deep on the side and pair with long, layered hair. Alternatively, a pixie will add volume to the top of her head, widening the forehead.

What to Avoid

Avoid parting the hair in the middle as that adds length to her already longer face.

Round Face Shape

The width and length of round face shapes are very similar, and they sport rounded cheekbones.

Possible Haircuts

Long haircuts with long, staggered layers started at jawline will add length to the face. Bangs split in the middle also add length. Alternatively, go for a choppy pixie cut.

What to Avoid

Avoid short bobs (or any cut that end below the chin), as they will round her face out even more. Also, avoid layers that curve inwards for the same reason.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shapes have jawlines that are wider than the forehead as well as a square chin.

Possible Haircuts

Short side bangs will compliment the jaw nicely. Go for layers that finish around the eyes or cheekbones to soften the features. Or you could try for a short pixie cut instead.

What to Avoid

Avoid full bangs or long side bangs and short bobs that emphasize the jaw line.

Long Hair or Short Hair?

A lot of girls like to have long hair. But there is no denying that kids are active and hair gets in the way, no matter how many barrettes, hair bands, or hair ties you fasten to her head in an effort to tame the mane.

So the question remains: should you just lop it all off and call it quits? Well, first thing’s first, you should consult your daughter.

At seven years old, children are beginning to figure out what they like and what they don’t like. They start to develop a personality. Your seven year old daughter is going to want to have a say in her hair choices. Simply ask her if she would like to keep long hair or get short hair.

If she want to keep her long hair, explain to her how to take of her hair. Talk about the importance of staying clean and protecting your hair from getting pulled too much. Offer to get her a brush or a special hair tie that will help keep her hair clean and out of the way.

And if brushing her long hair still keeps ending in tears, bribery, pleading, and angry sounds (not just from your daughter, either), consider brushing her hair at night and braiding it.

When you brush her hair at night instead of in the morning, chances are you’ll be more relaxed and in less of a hurry. If you brush slower and more carefully, you won’t snag her as much.

Braiding her hair at night makes it much more manageable during the day, and when you take out the braids, it’ll be so much easier to brush.

Can I Dye My 7-Year-Old’s Hair?

I was that kid. The kid that wanted chalk hair die and crazy colors. Every time I asked, my mom would say, “Flick, truly successful people don’t have unnatural hair colors. You wan to look presentable.”

Well, it turns out that my mom may have actually had a point, though perhaps not the point she was actually trying to make.

Children actually have much finer hair than adults and even teenagers have. Bleaching or permanently dying their hair could damage it, perhaps beyond repair. We want her hair looking healthy and fly, so I would say to hold off on dying it until she is around 16 or so.

The ingredients in permanent hair dye can also cause severe reactions across the scalp.

The best alternative is chalk dyes, spray on dyes, or temporary dies. These will wash out soon, and it allows your daughter to express her personality. They are also made of different ingredients than permanent dye and are less likely to cause adverse reactions. They are also easier to apply.

How Can She Donate Her Hair to Locks of Love?

The minimum length that can be used in wigs is 10 inches measured tip to tip. If you have curly hair, pull it tight and then measure it.

The hair must be braided or in a pony tail or it cannot be accepted. It also much be combed (so no dread locks, though I doubt your seven year old girl has dread locks). You can donate dyed and permed hair.

Any salon can cut the hair, but it is recommended that you go to a salon that is already familiar with the process. You can even donate hair that was cut years ago, as long as it is still bundled up.

Download a hair donation form from the Locks of Love website. It is not required (you can just put your name, address, and email on the envelope and mail it in), but it is preferred. 

Related Questions

What if my daughter doesn’t want to cut her hair? Well, it is her hair, so you might want to leave it up to her, especially since she is getting old enough to start wanting her own style. However, if you have a good reason, you are the parent, so just use your best judgement. 

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