11 Helpful Soccer Drills for 7-Year-Olds

If you are a soccer coach for a bunch of 7-year-olds you need to come up with helpful soccer drills! You may or may not know what to do with them. That is where I come in to help. I did some research on the most helpful soccer drills for 7-year-olds. 

When coming together as a team you will come to notice that you have a have a mix of children. All of these children have a small amount or no amount of experience with soccer!

You need to train them in the basics of the game and help them develop skills that will benefit their performance on the team. Whether you are a coach or a parent, these soccer drills can help them with all the fundamentals they need on the field. 

#1 Seeing Double 

This drill was made to teach passing skills. It is similar to another passing drill further into the article. This one deals more with the players helping one another in developing their passing skills. 

Double drill teaches coordination, ball mastery, and how to be able to pass and receive the ball. 

The players will pair off and begin to face each other with a soccer ball. 

Then, the players will switch balls between one another using the soles of their feet. 

Your players should continue this pattern to be able to show an effort in how many of these passes they can do. 

Not only does this drill teach some passing skills, but it also has the players rely on one another to pass the ball. Friendships can be made through exercise which can strengthen the bond of the team itself. 

#2 Tri-Skills 

This skill teaches younger players to dribble and turn. 

A small triangle needs to be formed using cones and players that are split into two groups. The first player will enter the center of the triangle and perform a dribbling move.

Once that first player exits the triangle they must perform a turn with the ball to face the triangle.

The second player that goes in will perform the same exact exercise. And those two players will continue taking turns on making moves for about 30 seconds, they will then take a little break and repeat. 

By having them complete this exercise they can become better at running with the ball, and if they had to sneak it away from defense they can turn around with ease. 

The approach to this drill is a way to show the entire team that they all need work. There is not one player better than another. They see their fellow teammates practicing with the same drill as them they can feel more confident to put forth more effort in their play. 

#3 Shoulder Drop 

This drill helps with being able to approach defenders. 

You should have the player approach the defender and have them pretend to take the ball with their outside foot stepping to one side while dropping the shoulder.

Then in a turn of events, have them take the ball with the outside of the opposite foot, pushing off in the opposite direction, to which they can get further away from the defender. 

#4 Stop Turn 

This is another drill that can be used against defenders. It is important to build up skill when going against the defenders on the other team. As your players will come to realize, they will need to be able to hold their ground and stay clever when dealing with defenders. 

The defenders will try their very best to take the ball from them and this drill will teach them how to do their best on not letting them take the ball. 

Your players will shorten their stride to decelerate, the quickly use their foot to stop the ball and pull it behind their plant leg. 

They will pivot quickly, and with the outside of their other foot, take a second touch to get away from the defender. 

#5 Inside Hook 

This is a turning drill where the players will use the inside of their foot to turn and then the outside foot to get away from the defender.

This is a simpler drill, and there is not much to say on it other than by training your players to be able to fulfill this trick they will become better at avoiding those trying to take the ball from them. 

As your player starts to turn they will shorten their stride, decelerate, and in two touches (one with the inside of their foot and one with the outside of their other foot) they will turn and move away in the opposite direction of the defender.

This drill is to simply teach another cool trick to your players. The more they learn the more willing they are to come into practice more often, without fear of being embarrassed by their poorly developed skills. 

#6 Warm-Up Wizards 

Warm-up wizards are a quick warm-up exercise that teaches dribbling. Dribbling is a basic skill within soccer and it starts off all of your other skills. Dribbling allows you to be able to move with ease with the ball in your possession. 

If you teach your beginners this, they will have an easier time completing the other drills. 

Cones should be set up in a 5- by 5-yard-grid. You can have one player begin by dribbling in the square freely for one minute. 

You will then have the player dribble around the first cone and then back into the square, then around another cone. 

Finally, the player will dribble freely using the left foot and the right foot. 

If you have your players continue to do this, it will have them strengthening that skill. It will also improve their performance in future games and drills!  It will be a rewarding experience to see them succeed in the game. 

#7 Explosive Footwork 

This drill is designed to help goalies improve their ability to move powerfully and quickly. 

If you have a kid with the role of goalie it can be a confidence booster to remind them they are the key to winning a game.

The other team will try to score and it is up to the goalie to be fast and strong enough to stop any balls from getting through the goal. 

Once they realize their importance to a team, they might be motivated to perform better in this drill. 

You should set up three gates that are two yards apart. 

The player will then start by moving through sideways, leading with the right foot and then again with the left. 

The player should lift their knees powerfully over the gates using quick, small steps in between. 

This exercise will condition the goalie to be faster and stronger with their blocking and footing. While this drill may not be as fun as others it is still rewarding. 

#8 Red Light, Green Light 

This is a pretty basic soccer drill, and it is a common one that is used not only in the soccer field but in any one’s home. 

This drill helps each player improve their ability to control the ball while dribbling. That is a key skill in the game of soccer. Being able to move and dribbling at the same time is how one is able to win a game. 

If the ball stays in place the entire time, there would be no game to play. 

You can have a player standing about 20 to 30 yards away from the rest of the team. You can then give each player a ball and have them spread it out all in a straight line. 

The player that is standing 20 yards away is considered the “light”. 

Once that player (the light) yells “green light”, then you can have the other players start dribbling towards him or her. 

If he were to yell “red light”, then everyone must stop moving the ball and freeze. Any player that continued to dribble the ball after “red light” is announced then they are out of the game. 

If a player continued to dribble the ball pass the “light” then they win. 

This can be seen as a competitive game which is great for those kids that love to win, whereas the others can have just as much fun playing along. 

This drill is a great group exercise that can strengthen the bond your kids have with their teammates. The closer the bond these kids have with one another the better they will be working as a team. 

#9 Circle Drill 

A drill like this is guaranteed to improve a player’s passing ability and accuracy. Within a team, there needs to be an ability to pass. You work together to get your team a win at the end of the game. It is apart of good sportsmanship. 

Before you start the drill you will want to create a circle out of cones within a 5- to 6-yard-radius. Then, you put eight cones in the middle of the circle. 

You should have several players from your team pair on opposites sides of the circle. Have a player kick the ball to the other as you try to simultaneously kick down a cone doing it. 

If the ball they kick does not reach the other player then the players will kick the ball back and forth until all the cones are knocked down. 

This drill can almost feel like a game to them, something fun to play around with their fellow teammates. This drill has the potential to build some friendships as all drills do. 

#10 Find the Coach 

This drill helps a player be able to identify a target and be able to chase after it. This is something you may want to teach any beginners on your team.

Having them be able to identify and know the importance of the ball is beneficial to their performance as well as the performance of the rest of the team.  

To begin the drill, you will tell them to face you and then have them close their eyes as you start running away from them. 

When you tell them to, they will open their eyes and go back to find and chase after you. This can be taken up a notch as you place a ball with you. 

As your team improves, you can have them try and take a soccer ball away from you when they open their eyes! They might even use some of the drills mentioned before on you. 

#11 One on One 

This type of drill helps improves a player’s ability to move around defenders and improve on their own defensive skills. And that is an important skill to have if you are playing on a team as a defender. 

When approaching this drill you will want to place a ball between the two players, and once you blow your whistle you will then have them race to get the ball. 

Whoever gets the ball first has to continue dribbling it until they pass it to another defender on her team. If he/she is able to pass the ball then they will earn a point. 

The first player to reach five points wins the drill. 

This drill can again, help with defensive skills in almost every player. It also helps them be able to get their eye on the ball. If they focus on the ball they can have their body catch up to it. 

Having a determined mindset about gaining the ball is important in every game since you will want your team to win! 

This drill is great for any child that is a bit competitive and enjoys the motivation for a title at the end of the game. It may even build up some motivation to have them do their best as well.

Others can just enjoy the fun of it all. 

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Why is soccer good for your health? Soccer is great for your health because of its benefits to your cardiovascular system, and it lowers your body fat and helps you gain muscle. It’s also a fun way to work out. 

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