9 Gorgeous Dresses on Amazon for 7-year-old Girls

7-Year-Old girls are adorable and they need dresses that are gorgeous just like them, but it is hard to go to stores to try and pick out the perfect dress. I did a little research on Amazon.com and found the top 9 gorgeous dresses for 7-year-old girls. 

So, what are the the top 9 gorgeous dresses for 7-year-old girls? Well the top five winners definitely are-   

  1. NNJXD Embroidery Princess Pageant Dress
  2. GRACE KARIN Girls Casual Flared Floral Swing Dress
  3. Flower Appliques Brocade Party Dress
  4. Blevonh Ball Gown Dress
  5. GRACE KARIN Lace Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

It is incredible the amount of time it takes to go shopping! Especially when you are shopping with a 7-year-old girl. But every girl needs to have some knock out arsenal in their closets. So, I did some research on the top 9 dresses on Amazon for 7-year-old girls with customer reviews and everything to help make life for everyone a little bit easier. 

Gorgeous Dresses for 7-Year-Old Girls

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and on special occasions like Christmas or Easter parties, graduations, weddings, and baptisms these girls dreams come true. For one day they get to put on a gorgeous dress and strut their 7-year-old stuff. 

I though long and hard about which dresses to include finding some that are fancier and a couple that are formal but a little bit more casual. All of these 7-year-old dresses are stunning and are so easy to buy. 

1. NNJXD Embroidery Princess Pageant Dress

Does your 7-year-old girl need a stunning Cinderella style dress? If so, NNJXD have the perfect dress for you and your daughter. This embroidered dress is gorgeous and any 7-year-old (and adult for that matter) would love to have this dress. 

The NNJXD Embroidery Princess Pageant Dress is serious so cute! It comes in 7 different colors and two different styles. 

Sleeveless Dress Dress with Sleeves
ColorBlue#1 Blue
ColorGreen#1 Pink
ColorPink#1 Red 
ColorPurple#1 Purple
ColorRed 1

This dress is made out of a cotton polyester lace blend and should be dry-cleaned or hand washed in hot water only. It is so cute with its little peplum skirt and bow. 

This dress is durable for everyday use and is perfect for parties and special occasions. The reviews on the dress are great! Most of them are 5 star with a few 4’s and 3’s tossed in there. 

A few people have suggested buying a 7-8 instead of a 6-7 but it really just depends on your individual daughter and how things normally fit her.  

2. GRACE KARIN Girls Casual Flared Floral Swing Dress

This dress would make the perfect summer/spring dress and is absolutely gorgeous! It is a floral dress that would fit in perfectly in the 50’s. 

 GRACE KARIN’S Girls Casual Flared Floral Swing Dress is lovely and would make any 7-year-old girl super happy! It comes in 5 different colors/floral patterns that are all accessorized by the perfect bow. 

There is a pink floral dress, and baby blue and baby pink floral dress, a red and baby pink rose dress, a pink lemon patterned dress, and a yellow lemon patterned dress. 

 This dress is loved by those who buy it. It got 68 percent 5 stars and 18 percent 4 stars. People comment by how much they love the prints and that the fit seems to be great. 

3. Flower Appliques Brocade Party Dress

This Kids Fashion World dress is so freaking cute and quite an elegant dress for 7-year-old girls. With its beveled hem and a-line cut this dress is truly beautiful. 

The Flower Appliques Brocade Party Dress’s  fabric is described as being- 

  • High-quality silver dobby fabric. 100% cotton liner inside with color nude tulle hem spliced, soft skin-friendly and comfortable. Zips up in the back.

This dress comes in two different colors light blue and with a peach underskirt and then pink with the same underskirt. It is important to use the sizing chart when purchasing the dress. 

This product has a 100 percent 5 Star rating!!! 

Little girls and their moms really seem to love this dress. 

4. Blevonh Ball Gown Dress

When you think 7-year-old ball gown this dress should pop into your head. This dress is a total winner for weddings and pageants and would make the PERFECT dress up dress. 

The Blevonh Ball Gown Dress comes in a couple different styles depending on the color but they all are pretty much the same. There are 14 different colors for this dress. 

  • Blue 
  • Green 1
  • Navy Blue 
  • Pink (Blush)
  • Pink 1 
  • Purple
  • Purple 1 (darker purple)
  • Red (more vibrant red)
  • Red 1 (deeper red)
  • Red 3 (lace)
  • Sapphire Blue
  • White 1 
  • Date red 
  • Green (basically teal) 

This dress is 100 percent polyester and is dry-clean or hand wash only. It has 76 percent 5 star reviews and only 12 percent 1 and 2 star reviews combined. 

People love this dress and they way it fits/looks like on their 7-year-old girls. 

5. GRACE KARIN Lace Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

Its always said that every women needs the perfect little black dress, but every 7-year-old girl likewise needs the perfect little black dress, and Grace Karin has provided it. 

GRACE KARIN’S Lace Bridesmaid Wedding Dress is adorable and elegant. Perfect for any little girl this dress is simply darling! 

This lace and tulle netting dress is designed to allow room for your little girl to grow, and is decorated with little pearls and rhinestones. 

Although this is the perfect little black dress, this great dress comes in 7 colors. 

  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Light Blue 
  • Dark Blue
  • Pink 
  • Red

With incredible reviews this dress really is a must have for any 7-year-old girl. Customers love the way it fits and flows on their little girls.  I definitely would have one of these in my closet if they made it in my size. 

6. Aibeiboutique Little Big Girls Lace Dress

Do you want a stunning flowing dress for your 7-year-old girl? If so this Aibeiboutique Little Big Girls Lace Dress really is perfect. 

With its cotton lining and bow it make for a comfortable but adorable dress that any 7-year-old girl would love! Plus it zips up in the back which makes it very accessible. 

With 11 stunning colors this dress can be perfect for any occasion. It comes in 

  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Pink 
  • Navy Blue
  • Blush
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple 
  • Champagne 
  • Maroon 
  • Gray 

Another winner in the customer reviews this dress is beautiful and comfortable and every little girl can feel like a princess while wearing it. 

7. TTYAOVO  Unicorn Flower Party Tutu Dresses

Don’t let the name of this dress fool you. This dress is stunning and spectacular. It can obviously pass a great costume piece but is subtle enough to be worn to multiple different events. 

It comes in purple, blue, and pink and is made from a comfortable cotton polyester blend. Not only does it have a zipper in the back but it also has an adorable button up top that closes the top. It is extemely precious!

This Unicorn Flower Party dress is spectacular with its 3 different layers of ruffles and its two layers of tulle. This dress is extremely popular and is known to be super comfortable. 

This dress is not machine washable and needs to be air dried! 

This dress says it is machine washable but the users of the dress found out that it doesn’t do well in the washer and dryer and so it needs to be handled gently when being washed. Everyone seems to love the dress though and all say it is worth it. 

Not only do people love the dress but they love the seller as well! A few folks had trouble with washing the dress and the seller got back to them in a timely manner and gave them full refunds. 

This dress is cute and fashionable! If your daughter needs a gorgeous new play dress this should definitely be on your list! 

8. JOYMOM Girls Hi-Lo Lace Ball Gown

As I was looking for these dresses I was SO impressed with everything I found and then I stumbled upon this dress and seriously I wish I could age backwards so that I could buy this dress and wear it myself. It is that amazing. 

This JoyMom Hi-Lo dress is seriously just perfect! It has lace up top and then the bottom of the dress is more like satin. It is stunning but because of its materials it doesn’t stretch, so its important to use the sizing chart before purchasing. 

This beauty comes in 11 different colors and they are all simply stunning. The colors are 

  • Dark Purple 
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Wine Red
  • Blue 
  • Dark Red (All Lace)
  • Pink (All Lace)
  • Red (All Lace)
  • White (All Lace) 
  • Royal Blue

The front of this dress is truly royal with its beading and flower design. Mix that with the little peek-a-boo tulle that is seen from the hi-lo design and this dress truly becomes a true winner.

Speaking of how adorable this dress is when looking at it from the front, this dress triples in beauty when you look at the back and see the giant bow! It is spectacular! 

Plus this dress has a hidden zipper!

The reviews are in and people just love this dress! And what’s even better is that their 7-year-old daughters love it too! This is a dress fit for a princess. 

9. NNJXD Ruffles Lace Party Wedding Dress

I’m not going to lie the cuteness factor that comes with this dress is overwhelming! It has tons of ruffles, two big bows, and to top it all off it is decorated tastefully with large rhinestones. Basically it is stunning. 

Ruffles Lace Party Wedding Dress is one of the few dresses out there that is not deceiving its costumers with its name. This amazing dress has at least 5 layers of tulle!! 

Five Flowered Layers of Tulle!! 

If you want your little 7-year-old girl to stand out atany party and/or special occasion buy this dress because it will send you to little girl cloud nine! 

Basically buying this dress for your 7-year-old daughter will make you the coolest parent ever. This dress comes in all the colors you could think of in order to make sure you are prepared for any event. It comes in..

  • Flower Deep Blue
  • Flower Purple
  • Flower Red
  • Flower Rose
  • Flower White
  • Flower Yellow
  • Pink Flower (Light pink)
  • Blue
  • Deep Purple 
  • Light Blue
  • Light Purple 
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Rose
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue Flower 
  • Flower Blue

The dresses that have flower in the color title have applique flowers sewn on instead of lace and diamonds. This dress and its two styles are just amazing! 

People love this dress and don’t think you can buy anything better for this price. It is stunning and really does need to be a part of your little girls wardrobe. 

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