Best Tennis Rackets for Seven-Year-Old Kids

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Tennis, a past-time that many enjoy. This invigorating sport is a great way to relieve stress, be competitive, or just have fun! Your child may show interest in this sport and you may be wanting to find the best racket for them. 

So, what is the best racket for your seven-year-old? A racket with the measurements between 21″ and 23″ is best. When it comes to the brand of the brand of the racket there are many to choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Prince
  • Wilson
  • Head
  • Dunlop
  • Babolat
  • Gamma
  • Tecnifibre 
  • Yonex   

These are some of the best tennis rackets your seven-year-old can get. Below I have individually named the pros of each company so you can find the best racket fit for your seven-year-old. 

Prince Tennis

“We continue to set the standard as the exclusive racquet brand utilizing TeXtreme technology.”

Prince Tennis

This is the Prince 23 Inch Attack Junior Boys Tennis Racquet

The description of this racquet is as follows:

  • Well-balanced racquet perfect for junior Tennis Players
  • Pre-strung racquet
  • Ages: 7-8 years
  • Height: 45 – 49 inches

This is the Prince 23 Inch Attack Junior Girls Tennis Racquet

The description of this racquet is as follows: 

  • Well-balanced racquet perfect for junior Tennis Players
  • Pre-strung racquet
  • Ages: 7-8 years
  • Height: 45 – 49 inches

Major players using Prince:

  • John Isner, uses Prince EXO3
  • David Ferrer, uses also Prince EXO3

Wilson Tennis

This is the Wilson Burn Series Junior Racket 


  • Lightweight and maneuverable racket
  • Sleek finishes & textures
  • Wilson’s spin effect technology
  • Strung Balance: 3 points Head Heavy (very stable and arm-friendly)
  • Unique racquet and string pattern innovation helps increase ball spin on contact

“Perfect for my about to be 7yo. He loves it and can play with his brothers and me now!”

ASB from Amazon

Major players using Wilson:

  • Roger Federer, is a fan of a Pro Staff 90 BLX
  • Phillip Kohlschreiber, plays with the Wilson 6.1 95 BLX

Head Tennis

This is the HEAD Speed Junior Tennis Racquet (Strung)


  • HEAD size US 107 in. Sq
  • Weight 6.7 oz
  • Length is 23.0 in
  • String pattern is 16/19

“Lightweight racket, perfect for a child. My son just started tennis and we were looking for something affordable. Coach seen it and said it was the right one for him.”

Elizabeth from Amazon

Major players using Head Tennis:

  • Novak Djokovic, uses the YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro
  • Andy Murray, plays with the Radical Pro. No. 10

Dunlop Tennis

Here is the DUNLOP Sports Junior M 5.0 Tennis Racquet, 21″ – 4″ Grip – Green/Black/White


  • M 5.0 _19 junior tennis racket
  • 19″ racket
  • 3 5/8″ grip

Major players using Dunlop:

  • Tommy Robredo, uses Dunlop
  • Nicholas Almagro, also uses Dunlop

Babolat Tennis

This is the Babolat Drive 23 Junior Tennis Racquet


  • Babolat has released its much anticipated 2018 Pure Drive line of racquets, and with them comes the Drive 23 Junior Tennis Racquet.
  • Inspired by its Pure Drive variants, the Drive 23 Junior is a graphite model that comes at a length of 23 inches…
  • Junior Tennis Racquet | Tennis Racquet With 23 Inch Length | Graphite Composite Tennis Racquet
  • Size – (See Description) | Color – (See Description)
  • Authorized Babolat Dealer. All racquets are strung and ready for the courts! SEE SELLER DETAILS FOR RETURN POLICY.

“Very happy with the racket. Delivery was prompt.”

Maria Lai from Amazon

Major players using Babolat:

  • Rafael Nadal, uses the Aero Pro Drive GT model

Gamma Tennis

This is the Gamma Sports Quick Kids Junior Tennis Racquet


  • JR TENNIS RACKET: A children’s tennis racket perfect for 10 and under tennis and tennis 10’s formats
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FEEL: Weighs 6.7 oz. strung and has a 93 sq. in. head for optimal contact with the ball
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: The racquet can handle countless hours of play as juniors learn the game
  • HELPS PLAYERS DEVELOP: Our jr. tennis rackets are easy to swing and sized just right for a child
  • READY TO PLAY: Rackets are ideal for a boy or girl and come pre-strung to go right onto the court

“Our daughter was excited when this racquet arrived. The proportions are just right and she loves to play with it. It’s great quality for the price. I’m sure our next racquet will be Gamma.”

Shopper from Amazon

Due to its snowshoe shape, you will not see Gamma used very often in competition such as Wimbledon. This is a very wonderful and very beautifully made racket, but it is not for everyone.


This is the Tecnifibre-Bullit RS 23 Junior Tennis Racquet


  • Parents will love the Tecnifibre Bullit RS 23 Junior Tennis racquet as a durable option for their aspiring junior tennis player.
  • The Bullits have a reinforced structure and feature 20% more durability than a standard alloy junior racquet…
  • Reinforced Alloy | 23 Inches | Elongated Bumper
  • Size – (See Description) | Color – (See Description)
  • Authorized Tecnifibre Dealer. All racquets are strung and ready for the courts! SEE SELLER DETAILS FOR RETURN POLICY.

Major players using Technifibre: 

  • Janko Tipsarevic, uses the Tecnifibre T-Fight 325


This is the YONEX EZDR26 EZONE DR 26 Junior Tennis Racquet


  • The Yonex DR Junior provides junior players with a very comfortable and solid weapon.
  • This racquet is strung and ready to use.
  • Headsize: 102in²
  • Strung Weight 8.8 oz
  • String Pattern: 16×18

“The racket arrived in excellent condition, the quality is supreme, my daughter is playing with this brand for a while, we are very happy with the product and delivery .”

ARMANDO from Amazon

Major players using Yonex: 

  • Stanislas Wawrinka, uses the Yonex V Core Tour 97

There are many rackets available to all kinds of tennis players, beginner and experienced. It is a good idea when shopping for rackets to go to a store and try out a few brands to see which rackets will be the best fit for you or your player. 

What Else?

A tennis racket truly is the poster for the sport, but there are other things that you may choose to buy not only for the athlete but also for the racket.

While the racket may seem a simple tool, there are many things that go into it that make it a better instrument for the players. Things that you may want to include with your racket purchase can be a shock absorber, gri tape, and maybe even a tennis bag. 

First, you may want to consider buying a shock absorber (also known as vibration dampeners) for your child’s racket. A shock absorber is placed on a tennis rackets’ strings and will be able to absorb the vibration felt in your arm as a result of striking a tennis ball with the racket.

Secondly, you may buy grip tape for your child’s racket. Depending on the type of racket you purchase the grip tape may not originally be good or it may wear out due to time and use.

A perfect result of this would be to buy grip tape. Many sporting stores such as Dick’s or Sport’s Authority will re-wrap your grip on your racket for you.

With practice, you too could re-wrap your own grip. There are many different types of grip tape that you can use on a racket so be sure to know your player’s needs and desires before making a decision of purchase.

Third, you may want to purchase a bag to house the racket in. Nike and also the companies listed above will also offer bags for purchase. Be sure when purchasing a bag that it is the proper size to house the racket you are looking to store.

Bags can come with many features such as room for not only your racket but additional balls, tennis shoes, water bottles, and other additional items you may need. 

Related Questions

What are the best tennis balls to use? Some of the best tennis balls to use include the brands of Penn and Wilson. It is recommended that you experiment with an assortment of different ball brands in order to find the best preference for yourself. 

Why did tennis balls stop being white? Originally tennis balls were either black or white in color. The balls were changed in the year 1972 to the known color of neon yellow because they are more visible to viewers watching from television.

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy? A tennis ball is fuzzy because it is needed as part of the game. Tennis balls are rubbery and therefore very bounce, wrapping them in the known neon green felt helps the ball slow down and also helps increase the spin on the ball which is a key aspect of the game. 

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