Can 7 year olds Take Tums?

So you’re up in the middle of the night and your child’s stomach is hurting. I’m sure we can all remember a time in each of our adolescence where our stomach was turning over with queasiness and we would keel over and expect the worst to come, being sick. Many parents wonder if the product of Tums is safe to give to their children.

Yes, seven-year-olds can take Tums. The company of Tums even makes Tums for kids but in all, it is based on the weight (mg/kg). It is okay to take either because it is made of the same ingredient calcium carbonate. (This medical information was provided by Monica Fisher, M.D., a licensed pediatrician.)

While Tums is a great option to settle your child’s upset stomach, there are many options you can use as a substitution to this. To read about Tums more in depth and to find out about other methods you can use to calm a sick stomach, read on! 

What are Tums Used For?

Tums are used for various different reasons, including:

  1. Heartburn – An issue often caused by acid reflux where contents from the stomach are pushed back up the esophagus.
  2. Upset Stomach – A very common issue from overeating, or eating bad food.
  3. Indigestion – Indigestion is described as a recurrent or persistent pain in the upper abdomen. Usually, indigestion is a result of an underlying problem.
  4. Gas – Air within your body that can become painful if blocked from leaving the body. 
  5. Bloating – Swollen with fluid or gas.

Calcium Carbonate, as stated before, is the key ingredient in tums and other antacids (a nickname for medicines like Tums). The job of Calcium Carbonate is to neutralize stomach acid in your body. 

Other antacids that can be considered are Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, Mylanta, etc. 

What are Other Options?

If you would prefer not to have your child take tums or other antacid medicine, there are other ways to help your child’s issue.


If your child is suffering with heartburn here are some other options to consider.

  1. Have your child sip on some apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar is a home remedy to heartburn. By taking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a fourth of a cup of water and drinking it, this will subside the heartburn. Take these measurements every five-minutes until the heartburn goes away. 
  2. Loosen your clothing. If you are out to dinner and are wearing some more tight fighting clothes or accessories such as tights or a belt, this may be causing heartburn due to compression upon your stomach. If possible, loosen your clothes to help decompress your stomach. 
  3. Eat more fruit. By eating fruit and in more depth, bananas you will be able to naturally reduce heartburn. Bananas are natural antacids and will be able to help relieve and avoid heartburn.

Upset Stomach

This is the most broad category on this list because there are many things that can cause and help and upset stomach. I will name a few of the most effective. 

  1. Mint. You may notice that many antacids are offered in the flavor of mint, this is because mint is a natural remedy to an upset stomach. You may want to try to have some peppermint or mint tea or other light mint substances. Warm water with mint in it usually is the best and most light to put onto your stomach. This will help calm and soothe your stomach.
  2. Use a heating pad. Using a heating pad will soothe your stomach and the muscles surrounding it. If you or your child is having a harder time sleeping at night due to your upset stomach, this remedy will also help you sleep. 
  3. Drink lemon water. Lemon water is a great natural way to soothe a hurting stomach. The citrus fruit is also a natural antacid and will soothe the disruptions in your or your child’s stomach. 


  1. Ginger. Ginger is another natural remedy that can help stomach pains such as indigestion. It is recommended that you incorporate the ginger into a tea and drink it to have the best effect. 
  2. Fennel Seed. Fennel Seed is an herb that can aid indigestion as well as gas problems. With this remedy you can also make it into a tea to drink for aid as well.
  3. Baking Soda. Baking soda is a great remedy for many problems. A half teaspoon and two ounces of warm water is the recipe for remedy here. Make sure you do research on how much baking soda you should ingest based on your age. 


  1. Herbs are often used for gas relief. Herbs that can be used for this remedy include: 
    1. Chamomile
    2. Dill
    3. Fennel
    4. Basil
    5. Caraway
    6. Cumin
    7. Parsley
    8. Peppermint
    9. Spearmint
  2. Walk. Walking after a meal and moving along helps digestion and avoid gas. By walking and moving you eliminate gas bubbles that could potentially cause pain and discomfort to you. 
  3. Apply heat. Heat is a very effective use against stomach pain. By applying a warm compress or bottle to your stomach, you will help relieve the muscles there which will then as a result cause the gas to move more easily through your bowels to be released. 

Note: You should always ask your doctor before you start taking an herbal supplement. It is always best to incorporate these into a tea or drink with warm water for the best impact.


  1. Try some yoga. Yoga is a great way to ease bloating pains. By stretching and doing moves and breathing exercises designed specifically for relief you will be able to soothe the muscles in your body and much like gas be able to relieve and reduce bloating. 
  2. Reduce dairy intake. Reducing dairy intake will effectively help you reduce bloating. As adults our bodies no longer need or process milk the same way it does when we are children and therefore, in adulthood, our bodies have a much harder time processing it and therefore bloating is caused. By avoiding dairy you will be able to reduce your bloating and feel better digestively. 
  3. Reduce your food intake per sitting. Bloating can be caused by overeating and having a larger intake of food at meals. By intaking larger amounts of food at your meals, your are putting more food into your stomach which as an effect your body will work double and put double the effort in to break down the food to put it through the digestive tract. As a result, your food may not be well digested which can trap gas in your intestines and therefore cause bloating and discomfort. By eating less and chewing slowly your body will be able to process your food more fully and cause an easier digestive experience.

Related Questions

Can I drink water after taking Tums? Yes! It is recommended that you drink a glass of water after taking a Tum or any other antacid. Doing this will help settle your stomach. The effects of antacid are immediate but can wear off rather quickly. 

How do I stop acid reflux at night? Aside from the tips above, try sitting up. Sitting up and changing your position will help your stomach not push up more reflux through your esophagus. Also, try not to sleep right before bedtime and avoid eating two to three hours before sleeping/ laying down to best avoid acid reflux. Finally, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks, doing so will help you lower the risk of acid reflux, due to the effect on the stomach these drinks have. 

Is Pepto better than Tums? Tums is made with the ingredient of calcium carbonate while Pepto is made with bismuth subsalicylate. While calcium carbonate offers an immediate relief, bismuth subsalicylate takes longer to kick in but offers slightly more prolonged relief. 

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