Best Heelys for 7-Year-Olds

As a 7-year-old, there was nothing cooler than owning a pair of Heelys! It’s a shoe, it’s a skate, it’s Heelys!

What are the best Heelys for 7-Year-Olds? The best Heelys for a 7-Year-Old are probably from Three of the most highly rated options include Heelys Launch Skate Shoe, Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe, and Heelys Kids’ Dual X2 Sneaker. Amazon is a good choice because of their relatively low price options and speedy delivery straight to your door.

Heelys are durable and fun! There is a lot of hesitation among parents due to risk factors, but once you understand the ins-and-outs of owning Heelys, it becomes a lot easier to get your child the present they want most!

Where to Buy Heelys

When choosing where to buy your Heelys, it depends on cost and availability. Places like Famous Footwear, Zappos, and Amazon have ready supplies of many different kinds of Heelys. 

Within the locations, there are two different main styles to consider: sneaker and Skate Shoe. One looks like ordinary sneakers whereas the other resembles Vans or other casual footwear that’s trendy. 

The most popular choice for Heelys on Amazon include:

The choices range between styles, cost, and the number of wheels. The max number of wheels you can get is 2, but there are many options that just include one. This decision depends entirely on preference. 

The most popular choice for Heelys at a Famous Footwear include:

Famous Footwear is typically more expensive than a place like Amazon, but you can almost guarantee quality especially if you visit the store in person. You don’t have that luxury with Amazon or Zappos (which is owned by Amazon).

There is also always the option of checking out or going in-store if you’re looking for Heelys quickly! They may not be as nice or durable as others, but Walmart may surprise you and have just what you’re looking for!

I’ve tried to give you options that could appeal to a boy or girl and that are highly rated. There is no one shoe to rule them all, this isn’t The Lord of the Rings!

The choice of whether or not to get your child Heelys and where to buy them is far less intimidating and dangerous. There is no wrong choice.

How Much Do Heelys Cost?

Because of their popularity, durability, and wheel interchanging function, Heelys are going to be pricier than your kid’s everyday sneakers.

The wheels themselves will amp up the price and you definitely get your money’s worth if your kid is excited to use them!

The price for Heelys depends on the seller and the size of the shoes. On Amazon, for example, the bigger the shoe size, the higher the cost! With 7-year-olds that have pretty small feet, the price will stay relatively low.

Amazon will have it from $30-$50 on a Size 13 US Kid Heelys depending on which style you pick. 

For the 7-year-old age group, I would say that the price of Heelys hovers around $40-$60 universally depending on where you go and what style you buy. This information was found from Famous Footwear. 

One benefit of buying your child’s Heelys from a Famous Footwear or other brick and mortar location is the accessibility to discounts. As I write this post, Famous Footwear is offering 30% off of Heelys purchases for your child. 

Amazon may seem like the cheaper option right off the bat, but other places may be able to give you a competitive discount if you’re willing to do a little research.

Versatility of Heelys

Heelys are very popular because they are a very versatile shoe! They exist with the sole purpose of being a skate and a shoe at the same time If you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of Heely shoes, let me explain!

Heelys have a trap door in the heel that, if opened, has a perfect spot to insert a removable wheel! Your 7-year-old can ride around all day and then take out the wheel to wear their Heely as a regular shoe.

Heelys are well liked among parents because they are what their child wants. They are also a sturdy and good shoe that usually doesn’t wear out as quickly as other shoes. This is a good thing until you think about how fast your kid’s feet grow!

Heelys are fun among kids because it’s cool to have wheels in your backpack that convert your walk home into a fun adventure. 

Buying New Wheels

Perhaps you already have a kid with Heelys but you are hoping to find them new wheels to replace any lost or damaged ones. This is possible!


As you can see, the accessories store has the best price from what I can see. It looks like other websites specialize in providing you with the shoes and the wheels together instead of offering many choice for just replacements. 

Your best option will probably be to go straight to the Heelys source because they will have all kinds of options for everything you need Heelys related. 

Heelys at School

Something that does concern parents is their kid having their wheels at school. Schools don’t allow Heelys in the hallway, and some don’t even like them on school grounds or during recess. 

Depending on your child and their school, you may need to ensure that your child leaves the wheels behind when they’re headed to school.

Going back to the versatility factor, your kid can happily wear the shoe without the wheels! They are made to be fashionable and good for casual footwear. 

Safety First

A lot of concern has surrounded Heelys because of the potential danger factor. People claim that Heelys are the sole source of their children’s injuries!

This can not be refuted completely because it is a shoe with a wheel inside of it! The thing you have to remember is, though, that you are buying your child something that is made for fun! 

People can blame bikes and roller blades all they want for injuring their child, but these instruments always have a little bit of risk revolving around them.

Children fall down all the time! It is a known fact that learning to ride a bike comes with a few crashes and bruises because they’re not used to it yet. No one freaks out when that happens, and it’s the same principle with Heelys.

If you are buying your son or daughter Heelys then you are assuming some risk that goes along with that kind of play equipment. The shoe is what it is because it has wheels in the heel of the shoe! Being on a wheel in any capacity has its risks.

So Heelys themselves are not a dangerous shoe, but there is no guarantee that your child won’t hit a rock or step too fast and injure themselves. 

It’s always possible to slip on the wheel and land backward, injuring their head, elbows, or backs, but that’s the risk taken with all moving sporting equipment!

Some precautions you can take is requiring the use of a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and long pants and a shirt while they’re rolling around. A lot of kids won’t be too keen to take these precautions, but it’s a good step if you’re worried about the safety of your child. 

Related Questions

Do Heelys run big or small? Heelys have been known to run small if they’re not true to the size they claim, so make sure you’re getting the right size for your child!

Heelys do not sell half sizes, so it’s important to get the size bigger so that their feet will fit! 

Are Heelys better with one wheel or two? The more popular option is one-wheel for your Heely. This option is usually better for kids with good balance and allows them to turn and move quicker and more effectively.

The two-wheeled ones help with balance but can make it hard for your child to turn well. 

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