Best Pocket Knife for a 7-Year-Old Kid

Finding the best pocket knife can be difficult for a 7-year-old kid. I remember being in Cub Scouts and having a knife meant you were cool. So I’m here to help you find one that is safe but also manageable for your little survivor man/woman.

What is the best pocket knife for your 7-year-old? I found a great knife called The Grand Way Hunting Survival Knife. This knife is sturdy and it looks really nice. It a good solid sheath that fits the knife well. It should be a great fit for your child.

I personally think it’s strange to buy your young child a knife but I look back and realize my parents gave me one so it’s probably not a far-fetched idea.

Here are some pocket knives that I think would really work and some thoughts I have on the subject.

The Perfect Pocket Knife for Your Child

Since this is probably more of a father and son kind of deal, I will mostly be speaking from that point of view because that is what I have experienced.

As a father, you are probably the hero of your child’s young life so far and they look up to you. They probably want a knife just like you.

When I think of pocket knives, I think of Leatherman or Gerber knives. They are the classics. But let’s really find the perfect one for your kid.

A problem that I have seen arise is most parents get a folding blade because that’s the most popular kind but also because it seems inherently safer. Let me explain the issue with this.

Folding knives are good knives. I have some myself but the reason why it’s not good for your 7-year-old is that of the safety on the knife. The safety is meant to have someone put some muscle behind it to close. This is good because you don’t want to chop your finger off.

The thing is, your kid isn’t going to be that strong. Many children around the age of 7 struggle to close these. Then they have to come to you to close them. That is assuming they don’t get frustrated and hurt themselves in the process.

The perfect blade for a kid is a fixed blade. It’s absolutely zero hassle. You want a cover for it though. That’s about all the safety you can have on these fixed blades.

Okay, so I’ve been looking on Amazon for a nice, simple blade for your kid. I found a fairly cheap knife. The Grand Way Hunting Survival Knife is a great choice.

This knife is thick and because of that, it is sturdy. It’s got a nice design and it has a bolster to protect your fingers from the blade. The grip looks pretty but also grip-able.

The blade is stainless steel. That’s a must for a knife in the hands of a child. From tree sap to who knows what else. I don’t need to explain this. Next!

The sheath that comes with the knife. It’s not flimsy so it will hold well. It’s a simple, practical sheath that will be easy for your child to slide the knife in and out of. It looks like it comes with a sharpener as well. That’s neat.

This knife also has a 100% money back guarantee. If the knife just does not work out for you, you can send it back with no hassle. Plus, it has a 10-year warranty.

Another fun factor about it is the many choices of wood style you can choose from.

It’s near $20 in price. The reviews are good. Some people have said it broke during big projects or extreme outdoor activities, but your child is not going to be doing those things. It’s a 4.4 out of 5 stars. I’d recommend it.

A Good Alternative Option

If that does not work for you, I have some other options that might.

If you want a super basic knife for your kid, get the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife.

I’ve seen a lot of people with these knives. The design is simple and sturdy. I think this is perfect for little kids. Honestly, your kid does not need to have a fancy knife. They will love just having one! It could be void of color and they wouldn’t care.

This knife has a simple sheath that covers the knife well. It’s hardened plastic. The grip is good. I’ve used these before. I would recommend it.

This specific knife is a high carbon steel so it’s pretty durable. This does not mean it is stainless steel. So watch out for that.

These knives are made in Sweden, which is not necessarily important. I lived in Norway for a couple of years and I love Scandinavia so I wanted to share this.

The knife costs $20. It’s a 4.7 out of 5 star, which is the highest I’ve seen I might add. From the reviews, everybody loves this item. It’s a great product and it is very affordable.

You might be wondering why this is my second pick when it seems so much better than the first option. The reason why is because of the carbon steel.

It’s not stainless so it’s gonna need more taking care of. The hassle of the carbon steel may not be something that you want.

How Old Should My Child Be to Have a Knife?

Honestly, use your discretion. You know your child better than me, the guy on the other side of the screen. If your child is clumsy or doesn’t respect the blade, I would wait until a later time.

I would teach your kid about knife safety and why we don’t pull it out with other people around.

Let them try out using your knife. How they treat your knife will help you gauge whether they are ready and mature enough to have one of their own.

Put your child in cub scouts or an outdoors camp. Like I mentioned earlier. I was in Cub Scouts. I learned a lot about survival, respect, and skills that I would not have gained if I was not apart of that. You could consider these options for teaching them outdoor skills.

My personal opinion is that children should be able to understand choices and consequences before they are given a knife. That age is around 7, actually.

I believe this because you can teach them that knives can be dangerous. Pocket knives are not toys. They have to respect that. If they understand that the potential for people getting hurt by a knife being used, then they will respect the knife and the dangers it possesses.

If you have a good relationship with your son or daughter, they will most likely respect what you say and listen to you, provided their brains have gained the ability to discern responsibility and consequences.

Related Questions

Is it legal for a kid to carry a knife? So this depends on what state you are in. If you are traveling between states, you have to adhere to the new states law. International traveling is another story that we don’t need to get into.

In New York, it is illegal to carry a blade longer than four inches. It’s the same way when I was in scouts. It’s because you can puncture the heart if it is longer than four inches. If you want to look at your individual state’s laws on knives, click here.

How long can a knife be to be legal? It is illegal to sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18 unless it’s folding blade is three inches or less.

The same sizing goes for carrying a blade in public without good reason. It needs to be a folding blade of three inches or less.

I would not recommend letting your child use a blade longer than 3 inches, personally.

Can throwing knives kill? I think the answer to this is yes.  I mean to me it would make sense. Do not allow your child to do this. A tomahawk would definitely have the potential to kill somebody.

I don’t think the knife would have to be any particular size. If the knife didn’t kill somebody, then it would severely injure them.

If you were to practice throwing knives, make sure you do it away from others and in a safe area.

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