Best Hoverboards for 7-Year-Old Kids

Choosing the best hoverboard for your 7-year-old can be stressful. With Christmas coming up, you want to not only get something your kids will be excited to open but also something you feel safe having them ride around on.

What are the best hoverboards for 7-year-old kids? One of the most popular hoverboards for 7-year-olds is the Swagtron T580. It is UL certified and is perfect for the entire family. The weight limit expands from 44 to 220 lbs. If your 7-year-old is the only one using it, the Surfus Junior is a great choice. The wheels are small, and the maximum speed is 3.1 mph so you can better secure your child’s safety.

With the new hoverboard craze becoming more prevalent, 7-year-olds are more eager to participate. Choosing the right hoverboard for your child take a lot of time and effort to get right. Fortunately, I am here to help break down all of the hoverboard elements you should know about before buying!

Hoverboards For Your 7-Year-Old

In this day of technology and casual transportation colliding, it has become commonplace to see hoverboards toting people around on walkways. 

Although more popular among the teen and college-aged crowd, hoverboards have become a staple in our society for transportation and fun. 

When looking for a hoverboard, you want to be aware of the price, speed, weight restrictions, general size, and safety of each one. You also need to consider who will be using the board. If it’s just your 7-year-old then you won’t usually have to worry about max weight restrictions. 

The Swagtron T580 is a popular choice among buyers. There are also many other good choice depending on your preferences. 

Weight Limits
44-220 220260220
Top Speed
UL Certified?YesYesYesYes
Max Miles8128

Swagtron T580

A good thing about the Swagtron T580 is that it has a training mode. This is very helpful for when your child is first starting out on their new hoverboard. Once they master the basics, they can happily have free range of the board once more!

This board also comes with Bluetooth capabilities and self-balancing wheels. Your child can ride this hoverboard around safely with their favorite music following them as they go. 

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard 

This board is also equipped with a training mode. This hoverboard is easy to use and has cool lights that shine from below your feet. Your 7-year old will love the colors!

Levit8ion ION 6.5″ Hoverboard -Self Balancing Scooter 2 Wheel Electric Scooter

-This UL Certified hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker, LED wheels and LED lights is fun for everyone! It is made for casual and rougher terrain, and it can hold up to 260 lbs of weight. 

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

The TOMOLOO Hoverboard also has built-in colored lights and sound. This is a popular choice among Amazon customers. The reviews show that this is a hoverboard purchased for 7-year-olds in the past!

Safety Concerns

There has been a lot of concern about hoverboards in the past because of the fire safety issues that they were having. After all the trouble, there came a new certification system that you should look for when buying a hoverboard. The fire problems have been solved! 

The best way to guarantee your child’s safety is to only purchase hoverboards that meet the UL certification requirements. This can be seen on the seal of the hoverboard you are buying. 

Good places to look to purchase a hoverboard for your 7-year-old include Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy. These places require the UL certification if they are going to sell hoverboards. You can safely find one on any of those sites. 

Protective Gear

When you first have your child learn to ride a bike, most parents will dress their children in knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, and then wrap the entire package in bubble wrap to keep them safe.

The same principle is recommended for hoverboards (although maybe not as extreme). It is recommended that children should wear protective gear when operating a hoverboard. Even though you know it won’t spontaneously burst into flames, you can’t guarantee that your child won’t fall off a time or two. 

Top Speeds

Another way to keep your child safer on a hoverboard is to look for boards that have lower top speeds. This can help you regulate your child’s behavior because the board will be physically unable to go too fast. 

There are some hoverboards that stay around 3.1 mph at max if you’re interested in a simple hoverboard specifically for your child’s use alone. The typically top speed for ordinary hoverboards is around 8 mph. 


When looking for a hoverboard for a child, keep in mind that there aren’t really separate child and adult sizes. All hoverboards are pretty much treated equally aside from any added features and abilities they may have. Keeping that in mind, you can still gear your search towards boards with smaller wheel sizes.

Wheel Size

When choosing a hoverboard for your 7-year-old, you will probably want to stay in the 4.5-6.5 in wheelsize range. The size of hoverboards fluctuate proportionally with the wheel size. That being said, the smaller wheel size produces a smaller board. 

Minimum Weight Requirements

Hoverboards are powered and controlled by you shifting your weight forward and backward. Most 7-year-olds won’t have too much of a problem, but if your child is on the lighter side, they might have a more difficult time controlling the board. 

For most hoverboards, the minimum recommended weight is 44 lbs. This weight does not dictate your child’s ability to ride a board, but it just means that you should carefully observe your child while they ride.

It may also cause your child to need a longer time to get used to the board because they aren’t heavy enough to have full control. Once again, most 7-year-olds won’t run into this problem. 

Maximum Weight Limit

You may think it’s silly to worry about maximum weight limits for your 7-year-old but it may be prevalent to your situation.

A lot of the time, other family members will end up using the hoverboard. You want to anticipate this need when you purchase one. There isn’t really a problem because almost all hoverboards have the same weight restrictions.

It’s important to note that most boards will have a max weight on 220 lbs. The more durable and sport centered boards will even reach 260 lbs. 


The price of a hoverboard is directly correlated to its added features, size, speed, and off-roading capabilities. 

The regular hoverboards will stay between $100-$200, typically. When you start to add all the extra feature like Bluetooth capabilities and lights, the prices tend to get up into the $200-$300 range depending on the brand.

For your 7-year-old, you may not want all of the bells and whistles, but it’s always good to know that those options are out there.

Because of the new competition in the hoverboard market, prices are better than before! Finding a reasonably priced hoverboard isn’t the feat it once was!

Related Questions

What is the age limit for hoverboards? If you are riding the hoverboard around in public, you must be at least 16 years old. The rules are the same as riding a bike when it’s nighttime. You must have reflectors and lights if you are going to be riding in the dark.

Do hoverboards still explode? After the recent issues with hoverboard fires, companies have begun advertising that their boards are UL certified. This means that they have been tested and are deemed safe to use with little hazard. The batteries are usually the issue, but if you take good care of the board then you should be fine. 

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